This is the first film I directed. I received a BAFTA nomination for it. Lots of people still talk to me about it. I always really appreciate that.

I’ve never had as much freedom since and I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to make something since that so reflects my sensibilities.

It’s the story about a lot of things.

About loneliness…

About regrets…

About mistakes that start small before they turn big…

And about a death in the snow.

I wrote an article about the making of the film in The Guardian newspaper.

A feature came out recently that shared the story of Takako Konishi as an inspiration.

Ten years after it came out, I was giving interviews again about my documentary as a result.

The best is this one for Grantland, a sports and culture blog.

But the greatest consequence of this brief resurrection of This Is A True Story was an opportunity for me to tell the tale on NPR’s brilliant show, Snap Judgment, together with producer Joe Rosenberg. You can take a listen to it below, via Soundcloud.