This was an ambitious global TV campaign I shot for Philips Sonicare – in English, German and Japanese.

The premise was that no one really believes “real people” testimonials on TV. So what if we fooled actual Philips Sonicare customers into sharing what they really thought about the product without their knowing it?

There are a lot of secret camera type advertising shoots – but I think this was one of the most original ones.

The customers believed that they were coming in to shoot a TV, but the real shoot was actually taking place – with secret cameras rigged everywhere — while they were waiting in the Green Room, having a chat with an Assistant Director and getting made up.

Everyone they came in contact with, all the other “customers” milling about, were all actors who I blocked out and rehearsed with before hand.

It always could have gone wrong if they got suspicious… but no one did. And the results were better than the client and agency ever hoped for… the people we cast (in America, Germany and Japan) all really loved their Sonicare.

Unfortunately, as often happens, most of the cool idea behind the campaign, — the“Truman Show” context – didn’t make the final cut. Here, along with the US TVC, is an amusing, little “making of” that documents about how it all worked.